Usability Test:

Amazon Music Application


Conduct a usability evaluation of the Amazon Music Mobile application in a team of 5 people.


Timeframe: January – May 2017

Course: Usability Testing; Grade: A

Role: Interviewer, interface analyzer, non-user script writer, participant recruiter, production assistant

Methods: Usability Testing (interview, interface analysis based on usability principles)


Step 1

Determine research questions and focus:

Analyzed the interface based on usability principles to not only get acquainted with the application, but to help determine what tasks would be explored during the interview.

Step 2

Determine common use cases: user and non-user

Step 3

Create a participant screener and recruit participants based on those use cases

Step 4

Develop a task and interview protocol





Step 5

Develop a data collection sheet

Data Collection Sheet


Step 6

Set up usability lab

Step 7

Run a pilot test of the interview

Step 8

Gain informed consent, have participants complete tasks, and interview them based on their experience

  • Data Collection Methods: Data template, video camera, screen recorder, written notes

Step 9

Code and analyze the user data; write the evaluation with a breakdown of the application through both local and global issues, and subsequent recommendations.


Determined the usability issues of the Amazon Music Mobile Application

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