UX Research Assistant



Working under the head of UX Research, I engaged in research-related endeavors according to this framework:


Explore – We explore who our users are and how to serve them value. Additionally, we define what the UX will be and how to measure it.

Evaluate – We evaluate the product, its features, its interface, and its information architecture. Throughout this process the product is iteratively built, tested, and refined.


Literature reviews, user testing, surveys, interviews, focus groups, ethnography, etc.

We can learn about user needs/pain points, feature viability

Paper/prototype testing, heuristic evaluations, formative usability sessions, etc.

We can learn about the interface and its features

Measure – We measure the success of our work and the product through the measurement of KPI’s. We compare these to benchmarks, usability scores, or other metrics such as the NPS.

Summative usability testing, A/B testing, quantitative benchmarking, customer validation, etc. 

We can learn about behavior, performance, and product success

*These are iterative and can happen at any  stage of product development.

To that end, I worked on an integrative mobile app, a voice user interface system, as well as an in-car-entertainment system whereby I:

  • Helped project manage various research initiatives.

  • Developed test plans for interviews, focus groups, and usability tests; took notes during, and assisted in the analysis of, those activities.

  • Assisted in developing segmentation and concept validation surveys.

  • Created presentation decks, posters, and video highlight reels.

  • Conducted a heuristic evaluation for a product that informed its future design.

  • Managed two vendors we utilized.

  • Set up the lab as needed.

  • Developed an onboarding protocol for internal testing, which served as an initial customer validation effort.


Result: Our work helped refine the designs of two products and led stakeholders to change direction with one other, due to the insights garnered.


Poster Board I made summarizing our initial research