Literature Review: Issues with AR Utilized for Education


I conducted a literature review to examine the human factors and ergonomics research being done on the issues found with Augmented Reality as it is presently being utilized for education.


Time frame: Fall 2016

Course: Human Factors / Ergonomics

Methods: Literature Review


With the emergence of augmented reality as a didactic tool, it is important to examine the issues that arise with its use. This paper examines such issues through not only the goals of human factors, but also through the lens of learning theory. Specifically, issues pertaining to AR in education are investigated through the goals of increasing performance and enhancing user satisfaction, as well as through the educational design goals of reducing learner’s cognitive load and increasing learner’s motivational commitment of the material at hand. The issues explored through this framework involve cognition, usability, classroom integration, and physical & technological issues. The paper concludes with recommendations for the design of AR systems used for education, as well as suggestions for future investigations.