Over the course of 6 weeks, my team and I had to design a Rock n Roll Museum’s website, which had three components – Web, mobile, and an employee portal.


Time frame: March – May 2017

Course: Interaction Design

Role: My role was to design the mobile version of the website, which had to include such components as a map, a store, and a music player. It also had to include an augmented reality component, that incorporated information based upon where the user was in the museum.

Methods: Interactive prototyping, conceptual modeling,  wire framing, user experience flows

Tools: Axure


Step 1

Understand the project brief.

Step 2

Develop a ux conceptual model of the project, to develop a foundation for the entire design

Create a vocabulary based on objects, actions, and attributes

From this create both an object-action matrix and an object-attribute matrix

Prioritization Matrix

Create a prioritization matrix based upon the determined actions, to determine the location of all the components

Step 3

Create a high level experience flow

Login/Create New Account Experience Flow

Step 5

Sketch potential designs

Potential Sketches

Step 5

Create wireframes

Store Wireframe


Step 5

Create an interactive prototype.


A fully interactive prototype.

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