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Daniel William Chevillat

About Me


Hi, I'm Dan! I'm a current graduate student at San Jose State, getting an M.S. in Human Factors and Ergonomics, with a focus on HCI and cognition. I am currently looking for a UX Research internship, where I can apply my knowledge and experience with both qualitative and quantitative methods.


When describing me as a child, my parents say I would never jump immediately into anything. Rather, I’d always observe whatever activity, or group of people, before joining in. Luckily, they did not view this as problematic, as this natural tendency towards first needing to understand manifested in a curiosity with how not only the world works, but especially people. As I grew up, I became fascinated with people and technology, with my first job working as a summer IT intern in High School. In college, I studied psychology and anthropology to satiate my need to understand our species and the tools we use. Ultimately, I came to find human factors which brought together my passion for people and technology – allowing me to investigate not only people, but the systems and tools they interact with. While I learned not only about humans, and how to investigate them with rigorous empiricism, it only led to more questions, and stoked the flames of my curiosity. So here I am hoping to help people by further learning about them through empathy-based investigations, and balancing the needs of both users and the companies that are building the marvels of technology that those people are utilizing. 


In my spare time you can find me dancing the night away (I’m a competitive Irish Dancer), tinkering with computers (I built my own!), or exploring the outdoors (where I’ve likely found myself at the top of something I shouldn’t have climbed).

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